A walk round the garden

I am enjoying January so far. It was cold and very dark this morning and I was grateful I could stay in bed and get on with my jobs. It’s a frosty sunny morning and I am worried that my tulips and daffodils aren’t going to make it, due to the mild winter and now sharp frosts.

I put a lot of effort finding the right tulips, I went with one type and planted it over a few pots. I also layered them up so hopefully the bottom ones will thrive. Tulips are pretty hardy but I can see the squirrels and other animals have been in my pots even with the chilli seeds on top!

I cooked with animal fat this weekend and didn’t want to throw it away so I mixed up some seeds and popped it in the bird feeder, I hope they like it, I don’t mind if the squirrels eat it all as long as they leave my tulips alone.

I spent less than ten minutes in the garden, it really is my morning meditation. I look round the garden and list jobs.

  • Dispose of old bin
  • Make a cover for the smoker
  • Refill bird feeder
  • Rake leaves back into the flower beds for natural compost
  • Branches in the green bin
  • Put the plant pots away
  • Order fresh compost

It may seem like more work but I am never angry in the garden. I need to just to get the jobs done, January and feb are a good time for that. I am going to start growing my sweet peas and flower seeds in feb.




This is my happy place. There is something about January light, it seems so much warmer than at other times of year. it’s a biophilic balance of nature and meditation.

When we walk Frank the change from sunlight to shade can almost knock the air out of you.

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