9 essentials for a trip the Seychelles

I love coming back to the Seychelles, it really is a beautiful place. You don’t need much here a good book and a nice cocktail/ mocktail a towel on the beach and access to no WiFi! It’s bliss. But here are a few basics that you shouldn’t forget to make your stay that more enjoyable.

1. Sunscreen it may be obvious but you need protection start high and finish mid range. Don’t go low because it’s hot here all year long, skin cancer is not worth a month long tan. At the same time as looking after your skin from the outside make sure you are drinking lots of water, hydrating your body for the inside. When I am here in the tropics I do find it easier to drink more water.

2. After sun your skin is dehydrated, after your shower coat your body it a lovely moisturising lotion. It needs it, it will also increase your tan. If you do get burnt you should apply it constantly, your skin will thank you for it. I am using one from Marks and Spenser it has aloe Vera in it and feel light not sticky.

3. Goggles or a snorkelling mask. You don’t have to swim far out to see amazing fish, I saw turtles ( very rare) beautiful parrot fish, Angel fish and lion fish. So pack goggle so you can see them, you don’t need fins but they do make swimming easier. Concentrate on the seaweed or large granite rocks and you will see some incredible creatures.

4. Sea shoes, get yourself a pair. The beaches are beautiful and sand here but they also have sharp bits of coral and shell. You can walk down to the beach straight into the ocean with them and they will save your feet an injury. I was snoring somewhere shallow and had to stand up on the rocks, my feet could have been cut but instead I walked away with confidence. I love sea shoes.

5. A rash vest or T-shirt you are happy to swim in. If you plan on snorkelling for more than half an hour you need to protect your neck and back. A rash vest will save you from worrying about sunscreen which inevitably will wash off. You still need to use it but at least you won’t have terrible sunburn!

6. Bug spray, mosquitoes can make your holiday a living hell. So spray up, not just at night time but when ever you go into areas with water or jungle! They will eat you alive and they don’t take one bite. It’s not worth it. You won’t sleep to well if you have lots of

7. Inline with staying out of the sun and bug spray, for the evening you need to cover up. Long linen trousers and shirts. All natural fibres will let your skin breath, so choose floaty over tight. You may still get bitten but the more you cover up the better. This can also help you during the day if you catch too much sun.

8. Protect your eyes! Sunglasses are cheap but if you where glasses like me then prescription sunglasses will save so much hassle. The glare of the water can be as blinding as the sun so take care of your eyes. A hat is also good for reducing glare and protecting your neck and hair.

9. Explore the island, don’t stay in your hotel, don’t book full board. There are restaurants and cafes to feast at so don’t stay in one place. If the sea near you is rough then go to the other side of the island, mahe is small and you can drive to most parts within half an hour. Book a car, rent a car get on the Tata ( bus) and explore. Yes you can do this whilst wearing flip flops but a small slip on shoe with good grip may fair you well especially if you are walking any mountain trails just don’t forget the bug spray.

Travelling Seychelles doesn’t have to be expensive but it’s still not a cheap place. So look after yourself to have the most pleasant stay. I am here for two weeks and I am so relaxed. I have read two books and it’s wonderful. The scenery is exquisite so take it all in. 9 little essentials will make your stay happier!

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