We need to stop wishing the winter away

All I am reading at the moment is that spring is in the air and that warmer weather is on its way. It is. But we need to stop wishing the winter away. It’s so important to the garden and indeed to our mindset.

It so important to enjoy the little things.

I have had January blues before, where I felt not myself but maybe that was more to do with what I was dissatisfied with rather the weather. I guess it doesn’t help. There are so many things that I love about winter, mainly the planning that I can do in my home but that doesn’t mean I want it to go quickly.

I often think that Christmas comes to early and we would be better off celebrating it in January rather than December but that’s something we can’t change. What we can change and focus on is what we enjoy, what we love about winter.

I feel like last year sped by.

This year I want to take it in my stride. I want to take the luxury I have with time to plan my days, trips. I don’t have those mornings where you have to drag yourself out of bed, face a grey wet windy morning, arrive at work soaked, spend all day thawing out ( my last office was cold) and then haves to trudge home in pre darkness and walk the dog. February can be draining. It can make you hit the bottle and want to hibernate till spring.

But sunny winter days are incredible. Bright dazzling light that makes you reach for your sunglasses and look like a poser in winter. The clothes and layers are my favourite, hats scarfs and gloves. Coming home to a piping hot cup of tea, snuggling on the sofa with a good book and lots of blankets!

Okay I bloody love winter.

We are still in a covid world where masks are essential to moving forward so I am taking advantage of this. Wrapping up warm. Not having to wear makeup.

I want to cherish the time and moments, maybe I am still feeling nostalgic from seeing my dad and mum after two years but time counts, days count.

I don’t mind if you want to fill your home with daffodils to add colour to the gloom. But now is a time for appreciation and I am all for that. I appreciate that all the bulbs I planted in winter have been crazing the frost to help them burst into life. My garden looks brown and dead but if you look closer there is so much life so much hope! Our mindsets should be similar.

My favourite winter cherished things:

  • Snuggles on the blanket
  • Anemones and hellebores
  • Stews and roast dinners ( there had to be food)
  • Candles everywhere!
  • Mulled wine and cider ( mmmmm)
  • Buying flowers ( I am not allowed anymore)
  • Planting seeds
  • Decluttering and reorganising
  • Sundays on the couch ( popcorn in hand)
  • The fire on

What makes you happy in winter?

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