My new flower obsession: hellebores

My new flower obsession is the beautiful hellebores. This has come about with my need to provide food for bees in winter. I know I am a little bee crazy but I can’t help it. There is something so joyful about this beautiful winter hardy flower. now that winter has a few weeks left. I am definitely not wishing it away but can’t wait for next winter!

The colours are dreamy, I have my beady eyes on so many types I popped them on my image. You can buy them as plants now but if you grow them from seed then you need to plant them in summer. After doing a wee bit of research I learned that they can take longer than 6months to germinate which is a long time to monitor a seed tray.

Hellebores like fertile well drained soil so prepare the earth before you plant them. These are a great plant for shady gardens as they like to be at the front of a border ( maybe infront of my hydrangea). You need to plan where you want them because they don’t like to be moved.

I plan on growing them from a plant, letting it grow and then divid them into smaller plants. I will have to keep them in there pots until I find the perfect place for them. It’s a tricky balance. I may get seeds when I get a greenhouse.

You know I love to plan I can’t help it.

What’s your latest flower obsession?

One response to “My new flower obsession: hellebores”

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