My gardening therapy: sewing sweet peas

It’s getting warmer and it’s time to get planting. I love sweet peas and this year I am going to stagger my sweet pea planting. This month I started the first tray and next month I will plant another tray.

I have been collecting toilet roll tubes because they are perfect for for sewing sweet peas. They have long roots and when they begin to grow you plant them straight in the ground, the cardboard disintegrates and adds something different for the worms to eat.

Planting sweet peas

You just fill up with compost, add the seeds a cm from the top and cover with soil. When planting most seeds you have to give them a nice soak and since it’s beautiful and sunny day I am tempted to leave this tray outside as Sweet peas are hardy.

Gardening is the best therapy for me. I don’t think about anything but what my hands are doing. I harvested these seeds last year. One packet was from a wild sweet pea plant at the the end of the road. They were multi stem flowering plants and I grabbed a few seeds and fingers crossed they grow.

My first seed packet were the seeds from the ones I grew last year and the third are bought sweet peas which I probably don’t need, but that I will plant anyway, I may just need to buy another pot and some supports because sweet peas love to climb.

It felt good to get my hands in the earth and start my garden.

I have a list of plants to sew this week but I do need more pots and probably more soil.

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