4. Only partial shade: planning my seeds

My bullet journal has been helping me with my gardening. I have written down all my seeds writing down all the information from them into my book. As a dyspraxic I remember information with clarity if I physically write it down. I find that writing notes and lists means I can focus clearly on the jobs I have to do, I also really love planning.

Shade is a big factor in my garden at the moment also room to sow. I have two windows that are good for growing, my bathroom and my dining room, neither make my husband happy. I currently have two beautiful daffodils hiding from the snow by my sink. He is less than happy but know I adore them and they won’t be there forever. The rest I left outside.

Garden Bullet journal

I wrote down the name/names what sun they like and also what height they grew at, so I know where to plant them in the beds. On my monthly calendar I plan what I am doing in the garden weather depending. I also write a shopping list of what other bits I may need, like more soil, canes and pots, which let’s face it, you always seem to need.

I bought some cheap seed trays that have already split, buy cheap buy twice, then I found some really strong ones in Sainsburies and now I wish I had just invested in them. I have four good ones and 3 paper thin plastic ones. They will all be used. It’s just me strong ones will last for years instead of a season.

Planning for shade just takes research.

I am currently listening to the Sara Raven podcast and loving it.

Hydrangeas love partial shade

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