6. Variety is the spice of life

Especially when it comes to your garden. It needs to be a balance of wheat you need and what nature needs, and what applies to you applies to nature.

We all need:

  • A place to rest and relax
  • A place to eat
  • A place to entertain
  • Colour
  • a place to grow
  • A place to pause and enjoy
  • Textures
  • Water feature to encourage wildlife
  • Shade

I am currently growing 3 different hydrangeas from cuttings. A climbing lace cap Hydrangea petiolaris, a beautiful purple hydrangea with dark leaves Hydrangea macrophylla, a white one, and a blue one!

When they are big enough I will take cuttings from them. I know that hydrangeas can change colour depending on the soil so I will have to keep them separate till they get better. Hydrangeas love a bit of shade and lots and lots of water. So I will plant them near the water butts so they will be happy healthy plants.

I am growing lots of different flowers over the next two years, I am not afraid of a bit of colour, I am excited about companion planting and I won’t be indulging in pesticides as I have a dog and love bees.

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