7.It’s tricky but don’t sow all you seeds at once

As a new gardener I am guilty of using up every single seed even though I don’t have enough resources to grow them all. I also don’t have the knowledge to grow and sustaine them. So sometimes rather than have a handful of beautiful plants I lots of straggly ones. Like last year when I grew 20 tomato plants and had 4 tiny tomatoes! It’s tricky because of you don’t know then you don’t know.

Sometimes seeds are so tiny it is hard to see them let alone sow them. My camomile seeds are a bit of a mess. I appear to have sown then very close together down one side of the pot. I may have to prick them out and place them better. They are currently inside, tucked away from frosty weather that keeps threatening and rarely appearing. We are very lucky with the weather in East London, we rarely get the brunt of the bad!

So if you don’t have a lot of room them don’t sow them all. Grow what you can, you can always be ruthless and just plant the strongest. I am not good at that. If something grows I give it the time and space to grow.

I have also bought seed bombs and watches as nothing flourished as it was too dark and shady for them.

I have some Cobaea Scandens a yellow white and a purple they are called cup and saucer flowers. I am not sure that I like them ( the seeds were in a selection box) I will grow 4 seeds of each colour in a pot and see how they get on. They are climbers so they may need some room but I am willing to give them a go. The seeds are a few years old so I may get nothing from them but it’s worth a try.

Cobaea Scandens Image from Miss Pegu

Seeds last years, they have a sell by date on them which acts as a guide but they are normally at least a year grace you have with them. So don’t sow them all at once. Stagger them throughout the year and grow what you need ( with a few spares) instead of what you have.

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