9. Don’t bother planting without research

Plants don’t thrive were you want them, they thrive were they want. So check the details or research your plant. For years I tried to grow lavender, ignoring the fact that they like full sun, dry roots, good drainage and a bit of neglect.

I planted the lavender where I thought it would look nice, it died. For years. Next time I grow it I will in a pot, in full sun

Gavin bought me a lemon and an orange tree, they are tiny and it will be years before they fruit. I had to research their soil and sunlight. They will always be indoor plants until they are strong enough to be outside for the summer or live in my future greenhouse.

So don’t bother buying plants or seeds, unless you know you will be able to grow them, take the time to look after them. Give them the right soil water, drainage and attention.

One response to “9. Don’t bother planting without research”

  1. I have a pile of gardening books and I’m amazed at how much there is to learn, so many hacks and tips depending on the plant or flower, it’s really interesting stuff, and I can totally see your point about doing your research first.👌💫🌱


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