13.use the space

Vertical planting is a great way to save space and show interest at eye level. I thought I would take advantage of this and finally handy my basket. Last year was a bit of a disaster as I tried to grow lobelia but ended up with about 5 flowers!! Never mind they were 5 of the prettiest flowers in a giant hanging basket.

I got a new job and start next week so I bought these pretty violas as a congratulations to myself. I wanted to spruce up my basket and I loved the idea of one solid colour. So when I saw these viola marinas in Aldi I just had to treat myself and walked home in the glorious sunshine.

I made a reel of putting this together but you hardly see the flowers! Never mind. I loved creating it and tomorrow I will sweep the door and pop it up and take a photo for this post.

I just can’t get over how pretty these are and did you know a bees favourite colour is violet!! So this is for the bees.

I packed them quite tight as I wanted maximum impact and I love them. I had one left over so I popped her in her own pot and she can stay here until I plant her in the garden.

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