14. Protecting, Painting my decking: sprucing up the garden

I have wanted to paint the decking for a while it was my top summer project. A few months ago our neighbours were chucking out old decking which was in great shape. Ours is not.

All my pot plants have been rotting the deck so we actually have holes in our deck. So now we have good weather it’s time to fix it all up! Papa Smurf my father in law came over and cut and replaced the worst decking.

My first job was to chuck out the crap. Get rid of the old bin and just stop using it for anything other than plants.

So I put all the green waste in the green bin, all the rubbish in the bin. Brushed the decking then used the power spray to clean off any stuck on muck. It wasn’t a pleasant job and my legs got covered in dirt!

The decking is t in great shape but we don’t have the budget to replace it but we can afford £40 on paint! It’s a nice quick fix and whilst we have the good weather there is no better time to sort it all out. Papa smurf fixed a few planks before and he came back to fix the remaining damaged planks. Rescuing those plank from the skip saved us about £40 in wood. If we had an unlimited budget I would invest in stone/ brick paving instead. It’s lasts much longer and needs less maintenance.

So now it has a new layer of protection. A few areas have a bit of wear and tear so I will need to repaint bits. We have replaced all the rotten boards with fresh ones and it looks so much better.

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