17. Treat yourself

Three years ago I fell in love with Clematis Montana, a monster of a clematis that is beyond delicate and beautiful. I wanted it so much that I bought four teenie tiny plants. When they turned up they started to grow but nothing impressive. I doubted they would survive the winter but they did. Clematis are pretty hardy, they like a good chop down and come back every year.

This morning as natures treat to myself the first flower opened. She is pretty and delicate and I can’t wait for her to grow. Currently they are growing in a pot but I either need a bigger one or grow it in the ground so her roots have space to spread. I also need to give it some space to grow upwards , I will buy her a taller structure.

This has been me caring for her for over a year and finally we have flowers. Now she is flowering I can feed her, she should flower for months.

This is the ultimate treat to myself.

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