19. Direct sow in the soil

I was watching gardeners World, learning from the comfort of my couch and I saw an clip of a man growing hundreds of Hollyhocks and I was immediately swept away to France. When watching any gardening program or YouTube I generally have a pen and paper to hand to right down the name of plants or what jobs I can do in the garden. This time I was naughty and just popped on Sarah Raven website and treated myself to some seeds.

Hollyhocks, according to the expert, are easy to grow. They need full sun, good drainage and a wee bit of support! They don’t sound that easy but he said just throw them anywhere and they will grow so I am direct sowing them and hopefully we will get gorgeous blooms. They are going in a nice sunny spot, with good drainage and a support for them incase it is windy.

I have tried growing them before, when I didn’t research their needs enough. Hopefully I will have more luck this time. It would be nice to have a bit of France in my garden.

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