23. Red and white…. Happy St George’s day

Painting the roses red….. my camellia is still in bloom. I know they are not roses and they are not red but every time I see them I hum that tune.

So does my mum.

Now when it comes to red or white for St George’s day I would pick white but normally I would always choose colour but red flowers don’t really do it for me.

Blood and bandages and my mum would say, she is a florist and hated making up bouquets of red and white roses. I agree I don’t appreciate the harshness of red and white. I am also not English. Not born here and my parents are English either, my mum is British. I am proud to be British just not English and most of that it due to conservatives in power at the the moment. Yes you Boris Johnson. But if I have said it once I have said it a hundred times, a country is not it’s government.

Hope you have a lovely weekend I have been painting the ceiling in the office today, I got about 10 minutes this morning in the garden to water my plants and admire my tulips before Gavin woke and got on with some odd jobs.

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