25. A little Garden sadness

Todays post is supposed to be about purple leaves but my recent posts have been really short so instead I thought I would update you on my tomatoes or at least the downfall of my tomatoes.

Man am I blue.

They are not doing well.

I put them outside to give them some glorious sunshine and they shrivelled up in 3 hours. I was a bit dramatic if I am Honest. Not pulling my hair out and weeping but that terrible way that people say heart broken, when it’s not actual heart break… maybe I have heart ache?

Or a fractured artery or something equally dramatic, I am making it worse!

I can’t even show you a picture, they are a twisted shrivelled wreck. It’s been weeks of my checking on them and now I don’t even know if they are salvageable.

Or shall I buy some more seeds.

I won’t give up on them. I will give them some time to see if they heal.

I picked off all the weak leaves.

I am letting them air in the dining room next to the sunny window where they used to be happy. Not sure how they will do.

Heart still aches when I think about them.

Gardening is all about trial and error. I will never ever put my toms outside again, ever. ( drama queen never left the garden) They will live in the greenhouse for ever, when I get it. A little garden sadness is to be expected.

One response to “25. A little Garden sadness”

  1. Gardening has up and downs. Sometimes things fail or don’t work out. I have to challenge myself frequently to not give up and to keep growing :).


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