28. How I plan my garden

It’s all about inspiration when it comes to planning my garden. I get so excited when I see incredible blooms. I get obsessed with other peoples gardens, the tv show Gardeners world, the podcast Sarah Raven podcast Grow, cook, eat, arrange. inspiration is everywhere and free! I also love Instagram and all the gardening accounts I follow.

My neighbour has the most incredible garden and I am super proud to own two of her hydrangeas that she took a cutting for me, how lovely is that. She also bought us a bride and groom rose that is thriving this year, thanks to a few tips from Sarah Raven.

Cymbalaria Muralis Ivyleaved Toadflax

How pretty are these purple flowers Cymbalaria Muralis Ivyleaved Toadflax, apparent they flower all summer long and grow in the barest of soil. I am working on a rockery so this will be the perfect flower for that.

This tree is at the end of my road. Every year in spring I declare my live for it, it looks so soft and the green is such a pretty delicate colour. I stroke it’s leaves every year. I think I definitely want one for the garden, if I can get a Standard so it doesn’t grow too tall. The fact that is native to the south of England means it would be perfect in my garden, apparently they are rare to find in the old nowadays.

White beam native tree

The best thing about checking out your neighbours gardens and local communities is that the soil and sun will be similar to yours. You can see what thrives and now that as long as you place the plant in the right amount of sun, it should thrive too.

The gardening community is proud of their gardens. We love talking about them and we are super generous with our knowledge and with cutting.

So get you walking boots on and explore your community. Take as many photos as you can. Be inspired!

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