Restoring the family home: flooring plans

I mentioned in my last blog about how much we want to preserve of our new/ old 1930s house. One of the things we are most excited about is the gorgeous original hardy pine parquet floor.

This is about restoring my husbands family home, our new home.

I love parquet, especially herringbone. So when I pulled up the carpet in the dining room I was thrilled to see it in pretty perfect condition. When we checked the sitting room with its rather ugly sandstone fire place again we found beautiful parquet. We love this colour, our neighbours either side have gone for light pine but I prefer darker tones.

Now we didn’t mind if it wasn’t present in the hallway but it is, which means that the majority of the downstairs is parquet and the kitchen has its original quarry tiles. Which we would like to keep in the downstairs as well as the kitchen ( maybe).

Restoring, replacing the broken and finding the replacement or replicas. We need to work to our budget but this place has a lot of memories for my husband.

Then we have this carpet.

It’s bold.

But the more we look at it the more we like it even though it’s dated, it has a good pile and it should also work with our colour scheme. We found some brand new remnants of the carpet in the attic so we are looking into turning the the carpet into a stair runner. It really isn’t going to be everyone’s taste or even many peoples taste but the more we look at it, the more we like it.

Pinterest image couldn’t find origin

We have found a local place that can whip the edges and turn it into a rug. It’s in very good shape considering it’s over 40 years old.

This Pinterest image is the look we are going for. Vintage rug ( definitely over 40 years old) that we are upcycling). Hague blue walls, we want to put back picture rails, because we use and love them. Maybe dado rails and putting back height skirting boards and cornice.

All this will also follow through to the dining room as well, maybe not the colour of the walls or a rug but the parquet flooring.

It is going to look amazing.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

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