Growing my own tea

Last year I thought about what I wanted to plant and what I wanted to get from my garden. I have always loved daisies and simple flowers so the idea of growing edible flowers sounds great to me.

The seeds are tiny, you do need to make sure you pick the edible ones I really don’t want to encourage people poisoning themselves! I planted them in two pots but next year I definitely want bigger pots and more of them, maybe even a bed dedicated to these pretty daisies. They like full sun and a good drink.

It was nice to take a minute, enjoy the garden and it’s fruits. Drink tea and read a good book. I need to buy another mason jar and fill it up with dried chamomile flowers so I can have tea all year round.

I have a small Le Crueset teapot perfect for making 1 -2 cups of tea. I just used a handful of flowers, a spring of lemon mint and let it brew for a few minutes. I brought out honey but it was sweet enough.

I have quite a few edible flowers in my garden. I will share them with you on another blog.

Have a great Sunday!

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