Tomato Plant update

Fascinating I know! But I have been through a lot with my tomato plants. I was so happy last year with my twenty plants that grew a whole 5 tomatoes!


Twenty plants I cared for and looked after. I even used a paintbrush to help the pollination. So this year I started with a humble yet very expensive delicious tomato and decided that after spending 80p on it I was going to grow some tomatoes from seed.

I grew them in a seed tray and they were thriving. I was so proud of them, I turned them every day made sure they were watered and happy. Then I put them outside to soak up some sun and the withered and dried out in a few hours. There wilted stalks never straightened up. There were 4 plants left from the 15 seedlings.

So I repotted them, wonky stalks and all. I learned a trick that you can bury stalks deep in the ground, burying the crooked stems and leaving me with a smaller but straighter tomato plant.

Well now, they are over a foot tall, I am hoping soon they are about to flower. It’s hot in London at the moment and they are strong enough to withstand the heat. I have only put two outside and I am keeping the two inside so I can monitor them.

I am super happy.

I also grew some chillies from seed two, in the same seed tray. I have 3 left one is doing well hopefully it will start flowering and growing chillis soon.

It’s been a gardening struggle, and next year when I have the green house it will be less of an issue as they can live happily in there.

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