Kitchen diaries: 1 buying a second hand kitchen

I was on my Instagram account and found this amazing women on Instagram who bought and painted a second hand high speck kitchen. She was talking about costs and how to save money.

I was looking forward to buying a perfect kitchen completely suited to our needs, my sister in law was quoted £14000 for just the carcass. So, inspired by this we started looking for a second hand kitchen.

We found one.

It was £6000 and included appliances. If we bought the appliances brand new they added up to roughly £6000. Things I really wanted in my dream kitchen was an island, a double butlers sink, an American fridge freezer, a range and most importantly a dishwasher.

We all know I want a dishwasher.

The cabinets are beautiful and because I wanted shelves not having so many top cabinets is great for me!!


So I have always wanted a green kitchen and it’s grey. A very pretty soft grey but not my dream colour. Me and Gavin have gone back and forth with it and have decided that I can paint the island green. The green of my choice. My plan is to keep the rest fairly neutral. Keeping it clean with white walls, a tile pattern splash back over the oven. I will introduce colour with my Le Crueset and other accessories.

This is a solid kitchen. We love all the handles and the quartz counter top is pretty delicate and will hopefully work with the green and the grey. I don’t want to have too fussy a kitchen. With the island I imagine it clear with a bowl of fruit and bunch of freshly cut flowers picked from my bedroom.

Process of buying

We contacted Used Kitchen Hub and had a lovely chat with Debra who was lovely and very helpful. Unfortunately the kitchen had already had a viewing so we had to wait to see if they wanted the kitchen. Our kitchen was located in Shropshire so we couldn’t do a viewing. Debra called to let me know the kitchen was ours.

It was in perfect condition.

So we paid the deposit to the company to secure the kitchen.

Then Debra put me in contact with the seller. We agreed on a date and after a few weeks we paid for the rest of the Kitchen.

Debra recommended a dismantling company they recommended and we went with them. It was a hefty chunk of money but it was worth it. Designer dismantles who took everything apart, labelled it and sent the photos to Debra so we would know how to put it all back together.

They arrived early and the morning and everything was wrapped up like it was a brand new kitchen.

To use it will be.

We are so excited. For £7800 we have a kitchen worth over £20,000.

I would definitely recommend this process to anyone. The Kitchen Hub doesn’t promise work tops will arrive in perfect condition so the price does not include these things. However designer dismantles delivered our worktops without any issues.

I will share the fitting with you later on.

We shopped around but bought ours from the Kitchen Hub

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