Patience in the garden: 3 little wins

It’s finally happened, we have three mini celebrations. First is my agapanthus, I have waited over two years for this gorgeous plant to flower and today she has five flowers open.

Gardening takes patience.

The right place and soil.


Next my tomato plants, the ones I grew from a Marks and Spenser tomato, that I spent a fortune on. I have four very healthy plants left. They need constant water and monitoring but these heat wave is doing wonders for them.

Today I found flowers, soon there will be lots of flowers which means tomatoes. So I need to keep watching them and feed them.

Tomato flowers

My absolute favourite thing about tomatoes is that when you touch the leaves the smell of tomato on your hands and fills the air and it’s wonderful.

I want a tomato candle now.

My next is my dog rose, for the last few years I have wanted a cutting of my dog rose. It’s wild and pretty and the pink colour is gorgeous. All my cutting attempts have failed. So imagine my surprise when I find a baby dog rose in my dahlia pot. It has been grown from seed and is small but I will look after her and plant her in my new garden.

So that’s it. 3 little wins, super happy that I get to take all 3 plants to the next level. I will buy more agapanthus and grow them in a big galvanised tub that can grow beautifully every year. Hopefully next month I will have a great harvest of tomatoes, I may need to stake them soon.

And then the biggest surprise of all, my beautiful dog rose. Today has been a hot one.

Gardening is magic, you can do everything right and get no flowers or you can neglect and get plants. Patience and luck, the right conditions help but they are not a guarantee, thank you Mother Nature.

Enjoy the green spaces in your life.

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