Buying our kitchen floor second hand

Time to share us buying more second hand bits for the kitchen. The floor in the kitchen is currently quarry tiles. we love that warm terracotta colour that is very European and is an original feature of our house that wasn’t bomb damaged during the Second World War.

We have been keeping an eye out for tiles that match on Facebook market place and it didn’t disappoint. The seller was lovely and honest and it was an easy exchange of money.

It was my first time buying off Facebook market place so I was a little nervous. Paid in cash, apparently lots of people don’t like to pay with PayPal as apparently lots of people rip people off.

The house was just a few streets away from the new house so the tiles are original 1930s. The above photo is our tiles with the new/old tile on top. They are perfect.

Lucky my MIL helped me shift 150 tiles, I didn’t let her do any of the heavy lifting but it was a hot day for 20 minutes of manual labour ha ha. Hopefully we have enough for 5 meters, and if not we will have to buy some new ones, we can always mix them in.

I never wanted a grey kitchen so I am happy we have this lovely warm colour to break it up a bit. I am also planning on painting the island a green.

Creating a dream kitchen is tricky when the both of you have different dreams. Gavin suggested that we paint the walls green in keeping with my theme but I don’t think it will work. I think I want white walls, maybe a colourful splash back behind the oven and a beautiful green colour on the island.

My terrible mock up

I fell in love with these Spanish 1940s tile from Maitland and Poate but they are £10 each. The colours however are so perfect it hurts. They don’t have many of these tiles left. I need 36 of them so £360 which is just a redicoulous amount of money to spend on less than a meter but they blend all the colours of the kitchen perfectly. They are my dream tiles.

Maybe I should just buy one and see what it looks like with the other materials.

Quarry tiles with our quartz top

So for now, we will keep an eye out for more quarry tiles and maybe for some different splashback.

This is my inspiration below. I think the grey kitchen, white walls and quarry tiles are so warm and homely, I think it’s a great combination.

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