Moment in time: thriving in the heat

Everyone in Europe is currently sweltering in the heat. It’s very hot, London hit 38degrees and the shade isn’t offering much shelter.

I have been watering the plants when ever I can and making sure there is plenty to drink for the birds and bugs in the garden. The News told us to lower our blinds and stay indoors so that’s what we have been doing, our little house is nice and cool but we are struggling at night. Tonight I will have two fans to keep me cool.

I went to the new house to check in everything and although the pond is low the garden is still fine. The most incredible discovery is a hibiscus thriving at the front. I am guessing that our neighbour waters there side my plant get some respite in the heatwave. I am grateful for them.

I hope you are not suffering too badly. My mum lives near Bordeaux and she says she can smell the fires and the air is gray. People will lose their homes and livelihoods.

The heatwave is no joke.

I am so grateful we are safe I hope you are too.

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