Choosing a garden gate shouldn’t be this hard!!

We want a garden gate that offers us security but searching for is tricky. It appears the humble garden gate cannot be a thing of beauty if you want it to have practical functions.

We mainly want a garden gate for security.

So no one can enter our garden, so it needs be lockable!

It needs to be tall, because let’s face it, thrives are less likely to break into an area they can’t see.

We want to protect Frank, so he can run about in the garden without the fear of him running out into the street.

I would also like it to be attractive from both sides of that is at all possible. This I am finding the most difficult. I do prefer the look of wooden gates but they are probably the the easiest to brake some maybe we should buy a study metal on instead.

Gates from Wayfair

From talking to my dad, you runs a security company, having bits for people to climb over is a big no no. So all the pretty ones are out. Because no one makes a beautiful gate that is practical and at a reasonable price.

Choosing a garden gate shouldn’t be this hard.

When I was walking in Walton on Thames I saw this gate, which isn’t ideal for us and covered in wisteria. So maybe I am looking at this wrong. Maybe I should focus on the practicalities and just plant lots of lots of flowers around it. Get a good sturdy wooden gate and paint/ stain it. Safety is far more important that style when it comes to a home.

It is still not right. We will have to keep on looking.

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