Appreciation for my house

I am fully aware I spend far too much time of social media. I do. So I am trying to find a bit of peace among the daily noise. Now that it’s cooler I can resume walking Frank.

I dread it, every day, and then I enjoy it so much! Why am I so ridiculous?

I love walking down the stretch of road and looking at the pretty Victorian houses. I definitely don’t live in a trendy part of London ( thank the lords) you would probably say I live in a rough part of London. But I love it. It has so much charm and history. My neighbours are nice and the roads off ours are all pretty.

What’s not to love.

We do have our fair share of knife crime and young boys who don’t see a future. The Macdonalds in town has a metal detector after hours and we don’t go in the chain pubs mainly because they don’t let Frank in. Plus they get roudy after 9pm and the police wagons turn up in force.

I still love it.

I just think we need to do more to protect the people and show these young boys that there is more to life then anger and crime. pretty much all our friends and family live in nicer areas but it suits us. Yes we are moving and yes it is in a nicer area but it was an opportunity rather than a decision to leave. And it’s only 5 minutes up the road.

It has more parks and more dog friendly pubs but it will never be this place.

It will never be our first home: I appreciate so much. A place that is mine, ours. A place of friendship and safety. Where we have had my family have all crammed in one Christmas.

I am trying to appreciate all the time we have left here.

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