Tomato update: learning to grow you own produce

Quick catch up, I bought a single tomato for 85p. It was the tastiest tomato I have ever eaten so I wanted to try and grow it from seed. So I started with 15 plants and I have 4 surviving. They are over 3 foot tall and all look healthy.

We are heading for another heatwave this week so I will have to check them night and day to make sure they have enough water. Still no hosepipe ban and I tend not to overwater my plants. They were currently in a semi shady spot but now I have moved them to full sun ish.

My garden is small and there is only one area that gets lots of sun so I have had to be inventive. I have moved them onto two chairs. Used bamboo to offer them some support incase it gets windy. And I couldn’t find my string( it’s on the kitchen shelf where it always is, but I forgot) so I tied them with ribbon.

The most exciting part is we have flowers and a single tomato! Exciting for me maybe not so much for you. I have grown tomatoes before but they were black and grew so many I ended up making pasta sauce with them but that was a few years ago. Last year I grew 20 plants and had 3 tomatoes. Every year is a learning curve. Next year my tomatoes will grow in the green house.

Things I have learned about growing toms:

  • They need bigger pots
  • Need to be watered everyday
  • Give them structure earlier
  • Pinch them out!
  • Sometimes they need a help with a paint brush for pollinate
  • Control there environment
  • Plant with French marigolds and basil to ward off pests

My chilli plants also need bigger pots but I need to find some before I move them.

So that’s it, tomato update, one tomato but four healthy plants. Hopefully a bit more sun and I will have a great harvest of homegrown tomatoes.

Are you growing any veg from seed?

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