Planning our next holiday

Before Covid I planned to take my husband to New York for his birthday. Deposit paid, days planned, then the plague hit the world and he ended up having a zoom birthday like millions of others. Now lots of the restrictions are lifted, America is on the cards again but we are not going to New York. Our wonderful friends decided to gatecrash for a week but we decided that actually we would rather spend two weeks driving around America with them instead!

We are so excited.

It’s an action packed trip visiting places that are important to us. My two favourite seasons for seeing the world are always spring and autumn and we decided to head to America this fall!

America in the fall, how wonderful!

So where are we off to?

Washington DC and Punxatawny

Ithaca and the Catskills

Cape cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Provincetown

Boston and a day trip to Salem!

A lot to see! A long way to drive and so much more to explore. We all have our own agendas of what we want to see and we are all really supportive of it! We are all ridiculously excited about going to Dino world and seeing Gnome Chompski ( a giant gnome statue). I mentioned Salem (of course), Ithaca and Nantucket ( hello Gilmore girls yes I want to go to the whaling museum) as places that I really really want to go. We keep finding all these incredible places like Louisa May Alcotts house, yes please! A hike some trips to parks, waterfalls and gardens.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

All the plans

I am going to create a reading list, a podcast list, a places to eat list, things to do…. It’s so exciting. We are staying in a mix of hotels, air bnbs and a bed and breakfast. We won’t be sticking to a strict schedule but we will follow our driving pattern. We want to experience as much as we possibly can as this truly is a once in a lifetime trip.

I have already started a packing list, I am really trying not to overpack. I will save that for another blog but I really do want a capsule wardrobe. Minimal, clean and classic with a bit of animal print thrown in for good measure.

The states

With cities and towns we are crossing a lot of states all in one trip. New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Virginia and District of Columbia I am excited to visit as many as I can.

We looked at staying in Salem but the prices are so expensive that we have decided to stay an extra day in Boston and just do a day trip or a few day trips to Salem when we are there. We will have to book restaurants because October is a super busy part of Salem but at least we will get to see all the houses decorated and maybe even go to a Halloween party in Boston but we will see.

Judges House Salem Image from blogger Palm Trees & Pellingrino

If you have been to any of these places let me know places to go, places to avoid?

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