What would your dream kitchen have?

We have bought a second had kitchen and I was wondering what your dream kitchen would look like? things to consider, colour, style, light, units.

Obviously it does depend on size but we are talking about a dream kitchen. So let’s share our dreams.

Mine would be green shaker style kitchen with integrated appliances, open shelves, butlers sink, separate utility. A social space where my whole family could gather, Gavin’s and mine. I want a place to celebrate birthdays and Christmas.


It’s my favourite colour, I find it calming and invigorating. The colour of nature and perfect for biophilic harmony that I wish to create in the our home. If it where up to me every room in my home would be green. I have had to compromise, my husband actually loves our green bed room and is happy to recreate it in our new home, we are also having emerald tiles in the shower and the kitchen island will be green. I think it will look beautiful, the units are a very soft dove grey. I am happy with the compromise and I will put pops of green colour in the house with art, prints and wallpaper.

Green kitchen 1 @rebeccaandgenevieve

Green kitchen 2 @becomingbeechbarn

Green kitchen 3

Classic style

I do love modern kitchens but I feel like shaker is timeless. Shaker kitchens rarely go out of style they just sometimes need up keeping with new hardware or a kick of paint. We are not a couple who believe in redoing a house over and over again. Gavin doesn’t like change so we need to get it right first time. A classic style is in harmony with the house as the original kitchen is that style, just with a lot of tiles!

Integrated appliances

Gone are they days when everything is on show. I love an integrated kitchen, good bye bins, dishwasher, microwave can go in a cupboard. As a messy pair it is alway best to go with integrated appliances. I want to keep the space as open as possible. My current small kitchen only has 2 viable counter tops to prepare food on so I can’t wait to have space to cook.

I won’t go on about the dishwasher. Just know that I really want one and our new one is an integrated smeg dishwasher! I will thank it every day and be grateful.

Open shelves

I love shelves. It’s an obsession. A place to curate and display my favourite items. I don’t believe in having things unless they have a purpose or spark joy to quote Marie Kondo. I plan to have some plants, cookbooks, art, jugs and le Crueset. Lots of things I use so that they don’t get too dusty too quickly and of course my favourite thing in the word is a plate rack shelf. Storing plates on there side not only makes sense but looks beautiful too.



Butlers/ Belfast sink near a window

Hand washing up is dull, I know I have been doing it for the last 14 years and I hate it. even with a dishwasher there are some things that just have to be hand washed or at least rinsed. I love butlers sinks. There is something very British about these huge sinks that you can wash the baby in… or in my case a dog in. It’s important to have a nice deep sink to pop your flowers in, soak your plants, hide your breakfast dishes. I read lots of peoples views on kitchen islands and they all wished that they hadn’t put the sink in it. Me, personally, I like a sink with a view. So when I wash my hands or do the dishes I can look out into my beautiful garden.

So that’s my dreams-in a nutshell

Not too lavish, something sustainable and classic will be perfect. More importantly what would your dream kitchen be?

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