Cost of energy prices rising: are you worried?

The cost of energy prices are rising dramatically there is no getting away from it. We are being energy conscious at the moment. Turning off switches, switching off lights but there is more things we can do to prepare for our house to keep us warm and toasty. With our new house we have the opportunity to make greener cleaner choices to insulate our home. Terrace houses are always slightly warmer than detached or end of terrace houses.

Log burner

To save money it is going to cost money. As the whole house needs doing we are looking at getting a log burning fire. Because we live in London we need to make sure that our wood burner or eco and the wood is kiln dried. Domestic wood burning has become the single biggest source of small particle air pollution in the UK, producing three times more than road traffic and we don’t want to add to that but we also want to stay warm.


Solar Panels

Heating and electricity is a major concern. I have always wanted solar panels. The UK may not be the sunniest place in the work but we have had non stop sun from June, heatwaves and drought. With climate change this looks like this is the future. They are expensive but this is the future.

Does not include installation or battery

This would be a large investment, plus battery plus installation. But generating our own electricity is very interesting to us. It would be a good plan for our greener future. I am also looking into turnbines as well.

Trying to be greener

We are also looking at simple practical things like making sure our windows are sealed, putting insulation in the loft and walls, we are also researching heat pumps but currently there is not that much information on how well they perform in the cold winters ( or a lot of what we have read hasn’t been positive) We have also been put of due to the lack of hot water in winter and the fact that we would have to install underfloor heating which we are not going to do.

We may just have to stick to extra duvets and hot water bottles. Lucky I have a passion for buying eiderdowns and traditional quilts. We will stick with our extra thick socks, invest in thick curtains, hot cups of tea and snuggling.

It is stilling worrying. Me and my husband may worry about the rise in energy prices but hopefully we won’t have to make the choice between heating and eating. This is something that happens every winter and always had, the difference this year is it’s affecting ( or will be) people/ couples who never had to worry about it before. Which means even more people will die or get in to debt to cover the basics. It isn’t good enough, our government have the power to cap rising prices, they are choosing not to.

What are your worries?

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