Dahlias: investing in your garden

Gardens are one of the last things people thing of when renovating a house. We are lucky that we have a well established front and back garden in the new house but there is still things I want to add as well as move, trim and replace. If you spend time outside and like entertaining then investing in your garden is so important.

I currently have 4 Water butts in the new home, this should help maintain the garden by gathering as much rain water as possible. We also have a small pond which will help water the local wildlife. I will install an irrigation system out the front as well as in my allotment. The issue with watering little and often is this great for small seedlings but once the plants become larger it can mean that only the top inch of the soil is ever dampened. Watering more heavily but less regularly can help build up reserves of moisture deeper in the soil, making them more resistant to hot dry spells of weather. The roots will be strong which means super healthy plants and produce.

I need to create some sort of irrigation system to look after my plants even in the toughest drought. All the plants that are already there are pretty hardy, the hibiscus white and pink are growing without having been watered. The grandiflora honeysuckle is growing and flowering out of control.

It looks messy but it just needs some work

I will invest in a water but in the front. You can buy them with plant pot on top. This means I can disguise it by adding a trailing plant, maybe even plant a huge rambling rose in front of it so it will be completely covered, can water the rose and be stunning for a few months of the year.

I can attach the irrigation system to the water but which will take care of the flower beds. Anything I plant will need to be hardy. All my yellow toned dahlias will be going in the front garden. I won’t dig them up just protect them with extra mulch. I plant to pack in some foxgloves and snapdragons for height and colour and lots of low flowering daisies. Salvias in pink and purple to add drama.

Working on the front garden is really exciting but it’s time to invest in my garden. Make sure it can sustain itself and of course be beautiful all year round.

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