Organic motivation is tricky

I do struggle when it comes to writing and at the moment it’s about finding time to write. Our lives are slightly hectic at the moment. We are selling our house, we just signed the contracts. My new job is in central london so my hour commute is making my days longer we are eating at 8-8.30 most nights. I am not complaining about having a job, I like it, it’s easy, nice customers, pretty area of London and I don’t bring anything home with me. No products ( spending) or stress. But when I come home I am lacking any organic motivation to do anything.

Being dyspraxic means that in order to achieve things I do have write lists and plans. This has always worked with me in the past it offers me structure and satisfaction when I tick off the list. It adding tiredness and sore feet to the mix is slowing me down.

I need to get motivated and I need to get my list completed- my life is very thrilling don’t you know! I am happy to be working, earning some pennies and most of all I am looking forward to seeing America in the fall!

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