Creating an autumn capsule packing wardrobe

A holiday in America means I want to go shopping! Antique shops, vinyl, a broom and art materials. It’s exciting and we plan on making the most of it, so over packing is not the plan. If it gets too cold I can always buy a jumper or a tee.

My inspiration is warm witchy vibes, a lot less black but nice layers. We are going to be driving around by the coast a lot where it is always colder especially in October. My colour palette is green, tan, burgundy with a splash of leopard. I will have my grey backpack to carry all our water bottles and warm accessories.

Warm witch vibes
  • ◦ Navy/ green Jeans skinny
  • ◦ Grey jeans🧳
  • Navy Junpsuit 🧳
  • ◦ Sezane sunflower shirt 🧳
  • ◦ Sezane green silk shirt 🧳
  • ◦ Sezane white shirt🧳
  • ◦ Green tencil shirt🧳
  • ◦ Corduroy animal print shirt🧳
  • ◦ Tee manga beige 🧳
  • ◦ White vest x2
  • ◦ Navy vest vest in brown
  • ◦ Mustard vest🧳
  • ◦ Stripy long sleeve tee🧳
  • ◦ Thick cardigan
  • ◦ Maroon turtleneck🧳
  • ◦ Fair isle jumper 🧳
  • ◦ Green vintage dress🧳
  • ◦ Velvet star dress (Halloween)🧳
  • ◦ Sequin top🧳
  • ◦ Rain Mac
  • ◦ Loafers
  • ◦ Chelsea boots🧳
  • ◦ Trainers🧳
  • Houndstooth coat 🧳
  • Rainmac

All the items with suitcases means I already own them. So I only have a few pieces to buy and it looks like I can buy my knitwear from Marks and Spencer’s. My leopard print pumps are a bit tiered so I will need new ones but I love leopard and it fits in with my style. Last year I chose three words to reflect how my wardrobe should look and I want to keep with that theme.

My three words/ themes were Wanderer, Equestrian and Vintage. I think this capsule packing wardrobe sums up the vibe I want for my holiday. It’s only a wee bit tricky bringing witchy tones without adding black but my Pinterest board has help me focus on earthy greens, brocade, lots of jewellery and I may need to buy a cool felt hat!

So that’s it. I am keeping an eye out for a few things but I really want to stick to the list and not overpack like I did for Japan.

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