Tate Modern: Singing in the rain

I saw that there was an incredible installation at the Tate involving lots of what look like paper birds and at 7pm a choir. I decided that it wasn’t something I was prepared to miss.

This incredible sculpture/ singing dome was created by artist Es Devlin and was commissioned by Cartier. The last night it is on is tonight so sorry if you are inspired to see it. Come Home Again is a love letter to nature, we need to observe them, draw them invite them into our gardens and green spaces no matter how small. The space was littered with QR codes so you could learn more about the creatures features in this installation.

It was magic.

It looks like drawings come to life, the choir was magnetic and I was watching it while the heavens opened up and still stayed. Biodiversity is something I am really passionate about even inviting the wee beasties in that I don’t particularly like.

“A dome originally meant a home. The work invites us to see, hear, and feel our home, our city as an interconnected web of species and cultures, to learn and remember the names and sing those under threat into continued existence. The work echoes the invitation invoked by the 92-year-old climate activist Joanna Macy, ‘Now it can dawn on us: we are the world knowing itself. As we relinquish our isolation, we come home again…we come home to our mutual belonging.”

This sculpture has so many levels from lessons to the actual art itself. The shape is based on St Paul’s that mirrors in the distance, the choir added a depth that cannot be described it was electric in an awesome way. Hauntingly joy full like a thank you to Mother Nature.

I wish I had seen it sooner so that I could have seen it on a non raining night but it still held the audience. Hardly anyone left captivated my the manipulation of the images, light projections and of course the choir.

We need to hold on to art like this. Art that speaks to us, calls us to action through appreciation and beauty.

If you are in London tonight it starts at 7pm.

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