Should I give up the bath?

Me and Gavin have been debating this for a while now. Should I give up the bath and have an amazing massive show instead? I do use the bath but it’s usually only a few times a year.

So should I give it up?

We will be installing a butlers sink downstairs so the dog can be washed there, maybe I need to give up my 3 baths a year for a much nicer bathroom.

Lets face it, baths are great when you are young but you rarely use them. I do love have a soak especially when it’s cold, it’s luxurious. The price of heating water is too high so we probably won’t use it for the foreseeable future. Instead we could have a large shower a beautiful sink, storage…. Am I keeping something because I need it or I want it. We are child free so bathing children isn’t really an issue. It’s our forever home so we don’t need to think about selling it ( not that I would anyway).

What would you do?

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