Moving tips: maybe you can learn from all my mistakes

Our move was hectic. I am writing this on day two of the move. My legs ache, I haven’t eaten a proper meal in a few days. I miss vegetables and salad ( salad?! I must be ill) I have cried countless times of the overwhelming task of packing up a house, with let’s face it, two hoarders possessions. It’s been so physically draining that my back went into spasm the last night of the move and I had to pack with tears of pain rolling down my face.

We are currently on ibuprofen every four hours, I had a shower just after two and a two hour nap and I am still exhausted.

I did have support! Gavs family have been around fixing things, ferrying us across to the new house. My mum has been a complete trouper sorting out the garden working non stop. She was beyond tired and I still feel beyond guilty that there was so much to do. We also had my friend carry our booze and plants over which took more than one trip.

In no particular order my first tip is

Take any help that is offered

Any, all, if people offer accept it. It was awkward because we moved during the week and I only have a few friends close by but bloody hell it was hard.

I should also let you know that the moving date was decided last minute, just before we went on Holiday so we only have 4 days to pack up the house and one of them was spent at a funeral. I did say it’s been hectic, and the loss has been hard on us both.

My neighbour made me a cup of tea and and chocolate buiscuits and I almost wept in gratitude! Nothing beats a great neighbour. She also bought me a beautiful chrysanthemum which I am elated at.

Chuck that shit away

Why do we hold on to so much?

Or is it just me and Gav?

So much shit I was tempted to light a match at one point. Just let it burn. I could start again and not care but I didn’t. I spent four hours in the loft making sure all the boxes where taped so there was less to do. We could have and should have started earlier but you can’t change the past and I am NEVER MOVING AGAIN. Then me and Gavin emptied the boxes from the loft to the spare bedroom, hence the back spasms and low moaning ( hope the neighbours didn’t hear me). I didn’t have a choice but to keep going. This was at 10pm and the delivery men shift ended at 11pm and we were losing hope.

Which goes into my next point.

Save up and pay people to do the boring shit which is packing a house!

We hired Simpsons removals and they we great! They work from 8.30-12pm. Bloody troupers! In the morning they told me they had seen worse in the evening they told me we have too much shit. I agree with them. I instantly regretted all my life choices and wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep.

So if you can, don’t do it yourself, ever. I won’t again I mean plan a, is that I am never moving again and plan b, is that if Gav ever leaves me I will stay put or murder him. These are the choices of a very tired woman.

Keep important things aside

I did this, our passports, chargers, paper etc. but did I put the dog Medicine aside, nope and we can’t find it because we have more boxes that space. It’s crazy. I also put all the cables for the tv, wrote important and sitting room on the side, and you guessed it, no idea where that box is. It will probably be an early night for me and Gav. I have work tomorrow so at least I get a break from the house.

Have all your keys, tools and a torch on you

Moving in autumn means it gets dark quicker and light is key. Yes we all have phones but the torch is rubbish and you need to be able to see details. Tools are essential and my father in law told me recently that the best tool you can ever have is a paint scraper, man is he right. I used it for so many things, also a good screw driver, the one you have will never be the right one! And Alan keys. The last things I removed from the house were a hoover, mop and bucket and cleaning products.

Next one is only if it is raining or has been raining

Waterproof trousers are heavenly!

Today was the last day. It was stress full, the last minute removers we booked called up to say he can’t find a man to help him. This is at 7.20am this morning. They were supposed to arrive at ten. They eventually turn up at 9.30am and I could kiss both of them. They balk when I show them all the plants I am moving. It’s not rainy but everything is covered in leaves and mud and I have been on my knees for the last few hours gutting the shed and moving the plants around. I also spend ten minutes trying to dismantle a table before I realise it’s collapsible.

The rubbish is collected at 9am all 30 bags of it, most of it from the garden! I carried all the garden waste through the house to the front, my jeans would have been soaked. I am so glad I bought there trousers 4 years ago and never wore them!

Waterproof trousers meant that I could kneel anywhere without if soaking through my clothes!

Put your sodding shoes on!

Moving and packing is dirty business, do not do any of it in bare feet. Shoes please! I dropped a metal beer keg holder on my foot. Unfortunately it was filled with wood to give it some extra weight. It was painful I didn’t make a sound and turned away from the pain, I thought I had broken a toe and that was with trainers on. It hurt all day and I could not stop to rest it. So do your self a favour and save your feet. Also wear comfortable clothes. Moving house is not a fashion parade, I barely look in the mirror!

Oh and it wasn’t broken just sore. My body was a patch work of dirt and bruises.

Frank was very stressed. Rescue dogs dont like change and he didn’t have a clue what was going on. We don’t think there is anything that would have calmed him down because he likes to be with us as much as possible. He was a good boy and he has been to the new house lots, so he thinks it’s his too. He is currently asleep with his head in my ankle and we are all happily exhausted.

So that’s it, my tips. I am sure there are more but those are the ones I would suggest. Definitely pay someone to pack and deliver your house. My stress level is high, my back is sore and house is a maze of boxes but we love our new house.

We loved our old house I just hope they are happy in.

Any chance house elves are real and I can magic some up to help with the packing? Nope oh well my next blog won’t be till Christmas then.

One response to “Moving tips: maybe you can learn from all my mistakes”

  1. We feel for you two been there & done that 16 times, oh the years we moved with 5 kids were horrible. Oh yeah we have a lot of stuff too I look at our house now and think we got rid of stuff when we retired and in 8 yrs since we’ve been here over 1,000 books.
    Hang in there this too shall pass. Is we try to clean every yr

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