Life is full of boxes

And it’s much worse if you forgot to label them. Our life is still surrounded by boxes. It’s a bit chaotic and I am not sure what we will do about Christmas.

As we plan on having the house renovated next year we are reluctant to unpack and properly move in. We do need to smarten up and and make the areas a bit more liveable/ presentable. I am not very inspired, even though Christmas is my favourite.

I have taken to lighting candles every day, switching off the lights, trying to save energy plus I love it in the dark makes me feel warm and cozy. Frank loves the house. Loves it. He loves the new parks that are near us and he his garden. I bought some cute mushroom lights for around the pond incase he accidentally falls in.

Have I told you about the water tank.

The thing in the corner of the room that wakes up every four hours and shakes the room. The first time it did I thought aliens were invading. I still wake up afraid, unknowing what is happening. Scared shitless is maybe a better term. This house is younger than our last, but it has far more quirks!

It is so loud we can hear it in every room.

Well, I will be more consistent, it’s just a crazy time.

It’s December 1st today.

So merry Christmas.

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