A little kiss under the mistletoe

One of my favourite things about my new job is that I work from home. I get to spend my days with my dog, we can go for a nice walk at lunch time of I can catch up on some housework. I love it.

Today we went for a little walk with Gavin and Frank. We caught up on plans for the next few weeks and from the top of the park I spotted a beautiful tree overwhelmed with mistletoe.

We had a little kids under the tree as is tradition.


I became a bit obsessed with it. In the end I ran round, with Frank chasing me to see if I could reach any. I couldn’t. It was far too high. Lucky Gav is tall and between us I managed to grab a branch. Now what I did was naughty and I don’t encourage you to do the same.


This tree is overburdened with Mistletoe. So I haven damaged the tree and haven’t harmed the native mistletoe from this tree. If I tree only had a few balls I would encourage you to leave it alone. But I don’t feel guilty for this as the tree has so many.

I am please with my beautiful branch and plan to hang it up in the porch!

Druids, pagans, romans, celts, Nepalese Caribbean, ancient Greeks all have there own traditions with mistletoe for many different meanings and names. Servants in the Victorian era used to kiss under the mistletoe and I plan on putting this beautiful ( highly toxic ) plant up in my porch, so birds can still eat the berries ( not their favourite) and we can enjoy it every time we come home.

It’s a cute tradition I hope to continue every Christmas in our new home.

What new/ old traditions are you starting in your home.

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