A pre Christmas Christmas

I got a Christmas wish granted. I get to see my dad just before Christmas. I am working but I get to see him. Take him to the pub. Cook and eat with him.

He leaves just before Christmas but at least we get a few days together.

So before yesterday, I wasn’t even sure we would put the tree up. Now I will be trying to track down a turkey and ham, getting excited about little things. Dad will want to go to the pub, visit his grandson, maybe do some shopping, I am getting the Christmas vibes now. I want to go and buy all the decorations!!

I know I will make more time for it next year and hopefully we will have the house completed or mostly completed so we can have the family round.

So we will be having a pre Christmas Christmas which I am used to having as a military brat. I can’t wait.

Family and food with a big of magic and sparkle!

I hope a Christmas wish comes true for you!

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