What would your perfect Christmas look like?

I love Christmas.

The majority of my Christmas blogs start with this sentence. because I do. My mum made sure we had a wonderful Christmas even if my father was away. She made it wonderful.

She dressed the table which made my dad mad, we eat family style, everything on the table so we can help ourselves to what we want. We eat like this a lot. A dining room table is sacred in a Payet household, this is where we gather, this is where we eat, this is where we help ourselves to that extra potato or Brussel sprout. We never had waste on our plates because we took what we could eat and for me Christmas is about food and company.

One year mum didn’t dress the table and dad grumbled but you always make it look nice! It turned out dad moaning about the the floral arrangements was part of his traditional, which I loved.

So now we are grown up. I have only had a few Christmas’s with my parents due to location and who’s Christmas it is. But I love it. Gavin doesn’t. But I am sure he would moan if I didn’t make any effort.

I am listening to a new podcast Calm Christmas and Beth asks what would your perfect Christmas look like. I thought it was a lovely visual question so o thought I would share mine with you.

My perfect Christmas

The whole house is decorated, fresh foliage everywhere, the house smells of candles and the warm earth smell of fresh fir branches and holly. A real tree stand proud and decorated with all our old mismatch decorations we have been collecting for years. It looks magical rather than perfect.

It’s Christmas Eve.

All the presents are wrapped under the tree. We go to the local pub with its roaring fire, friends and family greet us. We all unwrap our layers throwing them on a chair. Dogs under our feet and glasses clinking together. We have already had dinner but help ourselves to the scotch eggs and mince pies that little the bar. The room smells of mulled wine and burning logs.

Then we all head home chattering all the way. It’s my perfect Christmas so the whole family would be here and by some Harry Potter Mrs Weasley magic they would all be staying with us. We would have a nice lay in till 8am and the nieces and nephews would be too excited to wait any more. The gifts would be passed around, wrapping paper in the recycling bags and ribbons collected for next year. Mums and sisters ( in laws) would be setting the table. Chattering about dinner and plans for the new year. Me and my dad would be in the kitchen preparing the turkey and everyone else would be on the couch watching It’s a Wonderful Life orDie Hard on the tv.

Last years wreath

In the late morning everyone would head to the park, dogs yapping at our heals stretching our legs, greeting neighbours. Knowing this is going to be our only exercise for the day. It’s cold so we don’t stay out long plus there is still lots to prepare. We come home, complimenting our neighbours trees and wreaths. Then open the door with a beautiful handmade wreath from all the plants in my garden. Then enter the hall, hang up the coats. Gav will complain that the hall way tree takes up too much space ( it’s staying) then we head into our wonderful sitting room with its real tree and now empty base.

Gavs mum will probably be preparing the starters she never stops. Gav will be playing with the kids in the lounge. The whole house will be full of noise and chatter. We will be spread over the sitting room and in the dining room and kitchen.

Then dinner.

A massive feast of family classics, vegan options, cauliflower cheese, giant Yorkshire puddings, ham, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes parsnips carrots, carrots and swede mash, stuffing, sausage pie. Nothing going to waste, everything will be eaten over the next few days. We take our seats round the family table. We will drink and eat and be merry, all falling into food comas infront of the telly. Even though we will all be full the Christmas chocolates and mince pies will circulate and in the evening a simple buffet or turkey sandwich’s and then I will bring out my homemade Christmas cake.

Everyone will be merry and relaxed. The dishwasher will be on overdrive my husband and brothers ( family and in-laws) will be finishing the pots getting out the whiskey and getting tipsy in the kitchen. We play games and discuss all the small things.

The kids will slowly be dropped off to bed and we all smile and think that even though it’s early we all head for an early night too.

Boxing Day would be similar, a long walk near Thorpe bay, enjoying the bracing weather, seeing more family. Laughing eating and appreciating all our time together.

So that’s it. My perfect Christmas

Food, friends and family.

What would your Christmas look like!

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