I think a bath may be an essential

A few weeks ago I wrote explaining that when we are thinking of ripping out the shower room we are not intending to put a bath back in.

But now…

We have lived here for 5 weeks and I have missed having a bath so often that I am considering popping a small one in. Honestly I have wanted at least one twice a week. Also Frank hates the shower.

As we haven’t made any final decisions yet I may try and convince Gav that a small bath is a necessity. It will have to be small but deep so I can relay in it and was the dog.

We will definitely try a few layouts before we decide. it’s not the biggest space but it’s not tiny either, we both agree that we don’t want to step into the bath because thats the scenario we had for the last 8 years. We love the idea of walking into a beautiful tiled large shower.

What would you have if you could choose anything in this space?

Colour palette for the bathroom

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