My 6 goals I want to focus on this year and the actions to achieve them: Vision board 2023

As a visual person I really love a visual goal, an image that sums up a goal is great. I have been making vision board for the last few years but last year I organised it in my Pinterest board and saved it as my screen shot on the front of my phone.

This was I could focus, dream and manifest.

Last year I actually achieved 6 of my twelve goals. This year I am just aiming for 6 beautiful goals and hopefully I, we will achieve all of them.

Practical magic apothecary vibes


2023 will be the year or good health, healthy changes and positive vibes. Healthier meals, more walking, plenty of exercise. Lots of laughter, a little less alcohol and a lot more water. No health kick so to speak, more small healthier changes to benefit all three of us.


  • Less takeaway
  • Concentrate of hydration
  • Healthier gut recipes
  • Get those running shoes on
  • Get Jon to drag me to the gym 3 times a week

Strength & Love

I have never loved my husband more than I do right now. A new house, a new life we are a united family and I want to focus my attention on us, so that we don’t waver, I want to focus on us and our future.


  • More date nights
  • Cook together
  • Listen to music more
  • Vinyl shopping together
  • Plan some trips

Create a beautiful home

We finally bought our house. It was stressful, there were tears but now it’s ours. No is the part where we have to get an architect in to do the drawings, a contractor to do the work. It’s a lot of added stress that right now we don’t need but the bathroom is a priority. Constant hot water would be a blessing.

Creating nice work spaces for the both of us is important as well as everything having its own place. The priorities this year are definitely the house, next will be the sheds then my beloved garden.


  • Keep decluttering
  • Art stuff in the garage
  • Everything in its place
  • Be house proud, put it away
  • Earn enough to have a cleaner once a week
This years motto

Keep life simple

Definitely a good motto to have, my job doesn’t demand unpaid hours of me ( currently) I start work at 9am and finish at 5pm. It’s simple. Sometimes I will be busy and rushed off my feet, other days it’s nice and steady. But it applies to everything too, I don’t need fancy things, I am grateful for all I have. Gratitude helps me focus on how lucky I/ we are.

Stress is bad for your health for this year I will focus on good health and a simple happy life full of love laughter and literature…. Sounds great to me.

We are happy that it is just the 3 of us.


  • Keep
  • It
  • Simple

Grow a healing garden & weed weed weed

I am passionate about gardening, good, no, but passionate. there is something about planting and watching it grow. The more I learn the more I want to know. I know have four spaces to work with. The front garden/ yard that I want to be a riot of colour. Our back garden that will have 3 parts to it. The patio/ herb garden. The pond and lawn and then the rockery and green house. I have big plans for this, it involves a lot of planning and research for native healing plants. Then we have the car space area which I plan to plant with pretty cosmos and Sweetpeas and let those borders go wild for the bees and butterflies. Then I have my allotment.

Which is a total mess.

Lots of weeds, but weeding can be relaxing, it’s definitely rewarding but also I can apply it to my life as well.


  • Weed out the crap
  • Weed out the negativity.
  • Weed out those unwanted parts of our lives.
Just the 3 of us

So that’s it.

What are your goals, resolutions, aims for year?

Have you created a vision board?

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