Kitchen Diaries: 2 it was delivered

It’s a very exciting time. I had to organise for the kitchen to be delivered we did run into a few issues, their van broke down, then there was a delay but because I wasn’t working at the time so it didn’t bother us. We were just happy to receive it.

The van arrived very early in the morning at 7:50am and there were three men unloading. Our kitchen has a lot of bottom units and appliances but lots of heavy quartz work tops. We stored them until we were ready to install them.

We are going to reconfigure the kitchen, perhaps chop a bit off our rather large quartz sink area so it doesn’t take over the back of the house. We are lucky all the quartz it cut square so we change it around.

The service has been brilliant. When we finally ( hopefully this year) get the kitchen fitted they I can give a review of it. But so far it’s been amazing.

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