5 Home trends for 2023 and what I am getting behind.

I did a similar blog last year and with all the shite happing in our lives write now I don’t mind writing something a bit frivolous rather than my rabbit hole of darkness I almost wrote ha ha.


Local crafted home are of definitely something we can all get behind. From local artists, ceramicists to other creators. And local can just mean the country you live in or if you are on holiday why pay for postage when you can collect in on the way!! It’s good for the planet and supports real talent rather than Amazon filling their pockets and bankrupting their staff and creatives. ( I do use it but I always shop around first and never for books or homeware)

I am completely obsessed with brooms so when I go on holiday now I like to pick up a local broom or piece of China. I think when you follow an artist you love then picking up a piece of their work is thrilling and you will always cherish it.

I have my eye on a Scottish photographer. Her work is beyond beautiful and I love all her Edinburgh images. I am saving to buy a print of hers this year, a treat for my birthday ( from me). She is so talented and I love all the characters she creates.

Soo Burnell


Ohhhh I love this one. I am obsessed with books and I have always loved the whole Victorian apothecary look which links nicely to the the dark academia vibes. Think libraries and and old greenhouses filled with nooks, secret passages, hidden doors and lots and lots of books.

I am excited about this trend but only because I want to restore our parquet floor in a dark early tone, have a bookshelf with all my beautiful books and showcase my ghosts and candles and skulls.


I mean each to their own but this is a no from me. Wallpaper borders ( I am sure in some peoples houses they look nice) were up in the bedroom so I am not going to add any to this house that is for sure.

I love wallpaper I really want it in the hallway and spare bedroom but it will definitely not have a boarder.


So a classic stripe never goes away and for me you can’t go wrong with a ticking stripe in soft furnishings but trends are for the walls and ceilings as well.

My house is too small for bold stripes but I do love them. Stripes are joyful, so if you want to fill your home with them I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Our sitting room inspo


Paint your house and home whatever colour you want. Never listen to trends as you have to live with it. A paint can be inexpensive but waste is still waste…

If it was a hundred percent up to me. Every room in my house would be a beautiful shades of green. Emerald bathroom, some soft green bedroom, jade bathroom, strong with the soft. Green being a trend colour at the moment annoys me but when it’s no longer a train I will still love it.

But I love a jewel colours, all of them.

In summary

So I am sure there are more trends out there, some are good, some are terrible and all can easily be ignored!

What are the trends you are looking forward to or dreading?

I truly believe that you

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