Spring is here, time to grow

I have been in my garden almost everyday. Sowing seeds, weeding, cutting back shrubs clearing rubbish. With 3 garden spaces to look after it’s a lot. But I enjoy every minute of it.

I have taken to sowing seeds on my lunch break and exploring new vegetables and things to grow. My green house is still broken so when it’s been cold, with the threat of frost I have been wrapping them up in a blanket. I watch the weather forecast like a nutter and thank my lucky stars when we avoid more snow.

I planted 60 tulips in my front garden, this sounds like a lot but it isn’t, and next year I want a lot more. They are just popping their heads up over the soil. My front garden is going to be full of apricot fox tulips and I hope it looks wonderful.

I found a hydrangea last year, thrown out on the street, it survived the snow and now I have tiny buds.I will plant it on the right hand side of the garden which is mainly shade. hydrangeas need a lot of water and thrive in shady spots. I have 5 hydrangeas in total. A climbing white, a lilac, blue, pink and a Hydrangea paniculata Little Lime. My garden is very wet so thirsty plants are a necessity. Today I planted one in the soil and trimmed back another so it will get more light.

Lupins from seed

Gardening is expensive, there is no way around it. I am growing everything from seed so make it cheaper for me.

I bought two raised beds.

They were supposed to arrive this week and I am going to fill them up. Sow my carrots and onions!! Create a vertical space for my peas. I am so excited.

April should be warmer so it’s time to actually spend more time outside.

Tell the people you love, you love them, and check your stool!

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