Kitchen garden or allotment?

I have been writing about my plans for a vegetable garden for a while now. I am not sure what to call it, is it my kitchen garden as it’s a garden off my garden or is my allotment?

Probably doesn’t matter.

It just looks like a fenced off overgrown area at the moment. But it’s been back breaking work and even though there is still so much to do I have enjoyed every moment of it. The raised beds have arrived and are locked away in my garage till I build them this weekend. I have also ordered some arches so my peas and sweet peas have something really tall to grow up.

Two beds, two arches I will have half a pretty garden.

Growing plans for April

My plans are coming to fruition and I am dawdling. Knowing what I can achieve has put me on pause. My drill is charged. I have an actual plan of what I want to achieve and yet something is stopping me.

Self doubt.

The fact that I like to plan more then I like to execute.

I even bit the bullet and bought myself an edger so I can trim out the fence bed!

All the small leaves and twigs are on standby to be chopped and added to the bottom of the beds. My hallway is a tower of cardboard waiting to line the bottom of them. I have been recommended to dig down and use the fertile soil there as it has been manured for years and perfect. I have grass cutting compost that will go in and break down. I will probably need more compost but it is exciting and expensive! This whole project has been expensive but at least I will have my little haven.

I am scouring Facebook market place for some cast iron table and chairs so I will have somewhere to sit and plan or just have a glass of rosé in the summer.

I just need to get on and do it.

This weekend.

So enjoy your weekend.

Tell the people you love, you love them and check your stool!

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