I want to be more like Rita

I have been interested in mental health for a while now. A few of you will remember when I tried and failed to go back to uni to become an art therapist. Caring for the community I am fortunate to live in, is important to me, so I have been to a few courses learning and absorbing. Becoming empathetic and understanding that we never know what some one is going through and all the things they have been through to be standing in front of you.

I want to be a better person.

A kinder more compassionate person.

And then I met Rita.

I went to a course and met this incredible 72 year old who chatted with me and inspired me so much.

She had cared for, and lost two husbands. Raised two children and now she is on her own.

She was told she was 1 point away from being diabetic.

She was outraged, hired a personal trainer and lost 4 stone. She is currently the oldest person her trainer has ever helped.

She said she didn’t have a choice and she was the only one in control of her life.

I am not inspired because she lost weight it was more than that.

She said to me, she has never been so alone and so free. She feels like she is 17 again, no job no worries( she has bills but also the money to pay them) no responsibilities. She can do what she wants m, when she wants.

Her life is for her.

For the first time in a long time.

She is aware of her age and says that if today is her last she is happy. she has become so self aware of how much she has sacrificed and how she never put herself first.

Her affairs are all in order and she says yes to everything except men! Two dead husbands is enough.

I was completely enthralled by her attitude.

She was so positive about everything. Living life for herself.

I want to be more like Rita.

I am going to sit down with Gavin and have a good ol chat to see what we can do to make our lives a bit more carefree.

Considering he has his second operation coming up I think it can wait. But I want to have a talk. Why should we wait till we are old and retired. We should enjoy our lives especially with going through cancer.

So, I want to be more like Rita.

Look after yourselves, tell the people you love, you love them, check your stool, and be a bit more Rita!

One response to “I want to be more like Rita”

  1. I try to practice this all the time


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