Wedding flower diary’s: The limited flower knowledge out there!

I love floral arrangements, the colours the smell and hopefully my wedding will be filled with flowers. I want them to be bright and colourful and I am not limiting my colour choices.

It will be whatever they have in stock the day before we get married.

I am still undecided about throwing the bouquet because my mother will be making it. Also, I have caught 3 bouquets (all with my future husband) and was embarrassed at two bouquet tosses, another story.

Sadly there is such limited flower knowledge even online

I truly am the luckiest girl in the world, my mum and best friend are both florists but even if they weren’t I would still be doing it myself. I am not into fussy roses and perfect displays.

So, I am constantly asking my mum for flowers, emailing her bouquets I like only to have the email reply saying sorry darling they are not in bloom then!

I am after a meadow flower look, think Marianne’s flowers from Mr Willoughby.


Sense and Sensibility 1995

I have been to a lot of weddings

Intimate, elaborate, DIY, personal. I am not a fan of round tables because if you have ever been stuck next to someone you have nothing in common with or worse don’t like, you are stuck with them for 2 hours.

Now a trestle table you have the option of 5 people, 5, that is definitely my cup of tea.

My good friend recently got married and her table setting was the stuff of dreams it was gorgeous (Pictured below) and perfect but I had to ask for one flower arrangement to be removed because I couldn’t see my partner in front of me. It also meant that he could then see the top table and the speeches.

In my head the table settings will be fun and organic. And nothing will be above 30 centimetres so people can see each other and talk.


I wanted Peonies, every bride wants peonies but they are an elusive flower that only blooms for 5 minutes in June (lucky June Brides).

Then I wanted anenomies along with another favourite of mine which are ranunculus but they are not in bloom till November but I may get lucky. I love poppies and September is poppy season so hopefully I can have some brightly coloured oriental poppies.

If you are a DIY bride you start to become a bit of an expert at flowers

However, nowhere, NO WHERE have I found a complete list, I want photographs. I want a comprehensive list of wedding flowers for a September wedding.

I know this is where a knowledgeable florist will come in helpful but I have my mum for reference and I want to save money.

In this modern world I do find this infuriating – I have read a few blogs and sites only to find out its American which has a totally different climate depending on where they are. So, I have to start from scratch.

I am arming my bridesmaids with the task of taking pictures of as many flowers as they can in September.


In my head I see soft pinks and corals, gorgeously soft greens, yellows, cornflower blues, delicate purples, soft oranges and of course white with pretty gypsophila all over it.

I also find it frustrating that Septembers flowers have to be rich reds, deep burgundies mustard yellow and oranges. Now I know we are at the start of autumn but in this country, September can be the best part of the summer.

We want bright colours to help celebrate our day.

If like me you are struggling to find your perfect flowers with all the limited knowledge out there then please hold tight, help is on the way. Until I find exactly what we want I am collecting a series of flowers that will bloom in September.

So, for all you DIY brides and grooms I will create a summer/ autumn flower guide to aid you in your wedding planning.

Have fun planning


2 responses to “Wedding flower diary’s: The limited flower knowledge out there!”

  1. Why don’t you grow some of your own? Anemones and Ranunculus are a spring flower, you plant in Autumn. Mine are just emerging now in the Southern Hemisphere fake spring we are having. There are a couple of great books about foraged bouquets and growing your own bouquets. I am reading a couple at the moment. I will write down the titles tomorrow. What about Dahlias? Plant bulbs in spring for Autumn. Zinnias will still be around too if you keep sowing.


    1. We are growing pots for outside and I love Dahlias. They are my favourite at the moment especially the Latte Dahlia. Anemones and Ranunculus are beyond gorgeous but from my research they are just after our wedding date. I will be scouring every flower shop in September to see what is in bloom. Luckily if nothing else I can just have a massive bouquet of freesias.


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