Wedding Debate: Do we need a Videographer?


I am stuck when it comes to this debate. If you had asked me if I wanted a videographer at my wedding I would have told you nope, not in the budget. Don’t want it, don’t need it. But here comes the advice, I keep getting told that my bride friends wish they had had one.

So, do we need a videographer?

Do we? Well if money was no option I would get one in a heartbeat.

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But we have a budget. It is not in the budget, so do I have work extra days so we can have a wedding videographer as well.

We are spending more than I had planned on this wedding. Gavin and I had different budget ideas and we are paying out of our own pockets. But because we are spending a lot maybe it will be worth the splurge to get a videographer to capture these magical minutes.

I almost didn’t get a photographer

I kid you not. I reasoned that you get married and for the first year you do look at them, then they get put away. I am not the sort that has a lot of photos up on display. I won’t have a canvas of us printed. But I was told that a photographer was important. Like most brides to be I have read a million blogs and scrawled through there photos with a fine-tooth comb.

I do need a photographer. I found her and I love her. She is really sweet and friendly and her work is natural and amazing.

But now I want a videographer. I do watch wedding clips on YouTube and think, yes, I want my wedding to be like that. I truly do, so maybe a wedding videographer is going to capture those moments my photographer wont.

Image from Pixabay

My bridesmaid advised us to get one! She said we will regret it, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Plus I cant wait to hear the speeches and talks. We have a budget in mind and we won’t go over that but I was considering buying a drone anyway (I am a mentalist I know) so we could have some cool over head shots.

Hunt for a Videographer

So we have started the process of finding out rates and availability. Our first step was to contact our Photographer and ask if she had any recommendations, after all if she has worked with them before she will have a good rapport with them.

If you are having a videographer or have had one do you have any regrets? Please let me know as I would love to hear your views on it.

I am still undecided…..


3 responses to “Wedding Debate: Do we need a Videographer?”

  1. This was a hard decision for my DH and me also. And up until three weeks prior to our wedding, we did not have a videographer. (Some things fell into place exactly perfectly and my in-laws opted to hire a up-and-coming videographer to shoot the wedding, but had we not /literally/ ran into this guy, we would not have had a videographer either.) Instead, we had planned to use WedIt. Its a website where you are sent 5 iPods in which you can place and/or hand out to your guests to film your wedding and take pictures. You then send the iPods back to WedIt and they will create a video for you from the collected pieces. Don’t like the final product? Then you don’t have to purchase the video! But you have the rights to the pictures and video clips collected anyways. It was a great solution to our budget! I would definitely recommend checking them out for a DIY/budget-friendly option. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for this, we will check this out!! Did you like the results?


      1. We ended up going with an actual videographer whom we’re still waiting on to get the finished product. WedIt appears to have very nice looking videos though!

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