Bridesmaid Sucks: wedding eye rolling

The role of the bridesmaid is to help you get to your big day. The history of bridesmaids just sucks… single maids who hope to be next.

This does not fit into my life.

It’s doesn’t fit in to modern life.

I want to be surrounded by people I love and they have actually crept up by one. I couldn’t resist.

The name brides maids gives me the ick. Groomsmen sounds cool, equestrian and very traditional. They also get to be stags whilst we get to be nagging clucking hens.

I am a feminist. So is my brother, my husband to be and my father. They all know and think that I am their equal, they have no issue with it.

Nor should anyone.

They do role my eyes when I talk about names, titles and derogatory terms.

I may bring it up more than necessary.

But to me it is necessary.

I don’t want to be a friggin chicken my friend ( hen do) I wouldn’t mind be a doe, to match my stag but seriously! Even that sounds a bit to wimpy.

Am I too much not to want to call my friends and family maids?

I am not really onboard with bride party or team bride, posy , it just doesn’t work for me. So I talked to the girls about it and they suggested the Danettes.

And I like it!

It’s sounds vintage but not antiquated.

Plus they chose it which I love. So they will be referred to from now on as the Danettes. If you google Danettes it does come up with a European chocolate pudding which I think is funny.

So I have 6 lovely ladies standing by my side.

So bridesmaids suck, but the Danettes rock!

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