Hen do packing, what to take on a mini break

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Can you believe it. We are finally going to Madrid for my Hen do. I can wait. Madrid is one of those magical places that feels big and small at the same time.

Full of history, bars and restaurants I can’t think of any where I would rather go. I know the girls are going to love it but we are all praying that its not too hot. Any temperature above 24 degrees and there is going to be issues. At the moment it is 35 degrees.

So packing is going to be tricky!

Packing for all possibilities

Pretty sure that Becky has a few outfits for me so not sure what I need to pack. Thank fully she is letting me not Gavin pack.

I am a packing addict. It makes me happy. So the idea of Gavin packing my clothes filled me with dread. No offence to him.

I didn’t need any new items for this trip however I managed to pick up a few tee shirts from MnS in their contentious cotton range that sung to me.

Things to bear in mind. It is going to be hot and although I will wear factor 30 I still may get burnt. This isn’t good but a coverup is always useful. I will definitely want to change in the evening.

Travel outfit

Cotton trousers to travel in (Emma hill I listened)

  • Pink cotton Vacation tee shirt
  • Sports bra crop top think from Primark ( I love these)
  • Thin Jumper ( I get cold on planes)
  • Summer Jacket

The rest

My hand luggage is going to be minimal this time.

Outfits, the funny thing was when I was laying out my clothes I put far too much out! So photographing and planning this out has helped me slim down my choices.

  • Tropical black dress (for evenings or day)? Still deciding about this.
  • Pink cropped Jeans
  • Navy Shorts
  • White Tshirt that says the world is your lobster
  • Navy and white vest
  • Gold sequin Zara vest For going out out can team up with pink jeans or navy shorts for a cute look
  • Tropical jigsaw soft Hawaiian dress
  • Black tropical dress for days or nights


Tan bag it goes with everything

Flat Espadrilles we will be walking

Tan tom toms sandals I can walk in them and they are slip on

Silver/ gold sandals for out out occasion

Pink block heals that are also cute but I haven’t worn them yet so still deciding

A cute little rope belt

My prescription sunglasses which are a must for being able to see, write draw ( don’t think I will have time) and protect my eyes.

A loose white linen shirt. If I get burnt I can drape it on my shoulders without sweating to death.

That is pretty much it.

I don’t need to take a lot and I don’t really like to take too much, plus I would like to pick a bottle of gin for the collection.

I use packing cubes to put everything in. I have even put my makeup and beauty bag in a packing cube so I can scoop it out when we arrive.

Thursday the hen do begins and I can’t wait.

The downside to negativity

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I have mentioned before that I got into blogging because I had to do it for work and I loved it. My work has talk me a lot about positivity!

I teach art to kids and adults and with each lesson I dread the negativity. Children especially are very hard on them selves. They turn disappointment into sadness and comparisons. My classes that have been going on longer aren’t really negative anymore. They have learned to focus on their development instead of focusing on their friends.

I often ask them if they are happy with their work and if they aren’t we decide how to tackle it next week till they are happy. As hard as children can be they don’t dwell on things if they get distracted by good things and positivity.

I was writing about how learning to draw can be daunting and then I wrote this quote down.

When I wrote it down and it made me think. Why do we do it.

Why do it do it?

I am into a lot of self care at the moment but that’s not the same as being negative about myself.

Self doubt

With work I got stuck in retail for far too long because I didn’t think my skills were good enough. I didn’t see them as transferable and did not value the actual skill set I have. Yes I had a demeaning boss but she only aided my self doubt.

Gav believed in me

My friends believed in me so why don’t I. Why are we our own harshest critic. I don’t want to be an obnoxious overconfident person but why could I not see my own potential?

Body issues

I have started self tanning, nothing severe just a nice healthy glow. A few shades darker then my white befreckled skin ( I love my freckles)

I start with my legs and work my way up. I am okay with my body. Then I get to my belly and I turn my head in disgust every time!

You are supposed to apply in a circular motion but my belly is so big that I end up swishing it around. Chasing the flesh trying to cover it in the same amount of cream.

I hate it, it’s the part of my body that I hate.

So why the negativity

I hate it

My belly disgusts me. I am trying to cut back on drink ( I still drink just not during the week (as much)) I haven’t run during the heatwave because it’s a heatwave people! But I have been walking home to burn some calories.

I am not working hard enough I know but the truth of the matter is. I am being way to harsh. My belly isn’t horrific at all.

My negativity is holding me back from helping myself and being positive. Being negative isn’t going to make me think hey get your arse in to gear. Negativity is going to make me go, your belly is already big why not have another bar of galaxy!

This isn’t something that is going to change over night but it is something I can work on and get out of the habit.

Negativity is the worst habit!

Let’s try to be kinder to ourselves!

Does my mum secretly work for QVC? Pamper time!

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My mum loves QVC and has been watching Alison in the beauty lounge for a long as I can remember!

There is a reason that my shelves are filled with Elemis, decleor and Gatineau. My mum will send me an email urging me that this is a necessity!

“You don’t want to be pale bride darling”

Hence the reason for my new tanning regime. I did buy a Bondi Sands last year and ended up looking orange and streaky. I knew Gatineau wouldn’t disappoint me and it’s been a month of lovely moisturisation and a slight glow that a pale customer commented on! People are noticing that I am a slightly warmer shade!

Hair time

“Now that you are working on your face perhaps it’s time to consider your hair?”

I hope she doesn’t sound bad or vane. If you knew my mother she is the most supportive light hearted women I have ever met. She is a truly good women!

She just cares about self care.

And that’s not a bad thing. She is not vain either she lives to eat and laugh and family.

but with all the emails lately it does feel like QVC has secretly hired my mum to bombard me with offers especially when I get paid!

Mother knows best!

Unfortunately I am fairly susceptible to her beauty insights so I trust her and go with it.

She hasn’t been wrong yet.

I am working all the hours I have to save pennies for the wedding. So I am tired a lot. My evenings are my time and I love spending them with my little dog and Gavin.

I love washing my face at night. Cleanse, tone serums, acids and moisturiser. I don’t really go in for masks except my baby facial.

I do enjoy a gin! Is that pampering?

Colour pop: My Victorian house is filled with colour and joy!


I am not a grey home kinda girl. I don’t subscribe to the scandi vibe of interior design. I am a colourful person and my home reflects this. My Victorian terrace is filled with colour and joy at every turn.

We do like clutter

We don’t like mess but we are messy.

When we visit the house for the first time we totally fell in love with it. The sitting room was nuitrul and beige. The dining room was white and and red and the kitchen white and wood. The halls way had a gorgeous plush dark green carpet and the bead rooms, except for the master where white.

We were lucky with the decor

The house was decorated tastefully and me and Gavin knew that we could live in it straight away.

Richard the last owner asked us if we would change anything and we truthfully told him we wanted the whole dining room red. He said that they tried it but it was just too dark. We thanked him and left it the way it is.

We are going to repaint the house but just a fresh coat rather than any big changes.


What did we do

Well I love a cozy sitting room. To me it’s a place that you disappear to at night. It doesn’t need to be bright and light. Our house is fairly dark so we embraced it. We kept the taupy beige colour on the walls and looked for a bold teal to dress the fire place.

This took a long time to fine. Gavs version of teal is turquoise and mine is well teal. I painted a lot of a3 papers with tester pots! They we scattered around the dining room till we decided.

We found the perfect colour and it’s name is Teal Tension! Perfect name after all the arguments we had over a colour.

So our house has a lot of colour! I feel like it could do with a bit more! Maybe after the wedding!

I have this thing with Le Creuset

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Oh yes I do.

It started with a sugar bowl and it will never end!

8 years ago I moved into an upside down house in Archway. The house was awesome and completely unfurnished. I had to buy everything from scratch. This meant I slept on a gym mat for a few months before my secondhand bed arrived.

One of the first things I bought was a bright red sugar bowl from a charity shop. I think it was 50p and it is still my sugar bowl today!

TkMax and homesence have a lot to answer for. Me and Gavin went shopping one day and treated me to a bright red La Creuset butter dish. It is beautiful and my pride and joy although I don’t use it enough.

Then he found this beautiful black mug there was 6 of them and they were £5.99 each. I wasn’t sure on the colour but they were gorgeous and a french cookware brand I adore.

I bought two.

Used them, fell in love with them and went back to find out there were no more left. These mugs keep your tea warm for much longer and I loved them but I missed out.

Then it grew from there

I have two jugs

A teapot and coffee pot. Honey ares, baking trays and baking dishes. I have two pie dishes and even two pie birds to let the steam out!

They are all red except for the mugs which have also increased. I now have 6 smaller black mugs 8 different shaped mugs and 8 little espresso mugs even though we don’t have an espresso machine. Every time we go in TKMaxx we hunt for these larger mugs. When one broke we couldn’t find it even on there website so Gav bought me a purple one. It hides at the back of the cupboard.

These are hard mugs to break but it does happen and it makes me sad.

Homeward Gifts

I often get LeCreuset for christmas and birthdays and I bloody love it. I would rather get a practical gift then something I never use.

My most used dishes are the smaller bakeware ones as it’s normally just me and Gav. I grew up in a household where food was all laid out on the table so you can help yourself. So my dishes do get used a lot!

I definitely have a thing for Le Creuset. I want some of the cast iron collection next! I just added them up and I have 25 different styles of Le Creuset that’s not how many pieces I have.

This may be an addiction!

My house this month: Chair love


So the challenge is set. Everyday on Instagram I will post a picture of my house. This is going to be fun and hopefully get my super spring cleaning on! I am going to try and blog every day too.

We will see

First challenge is called on the chair.

We have a small Victorian terrace and we love it.

A true gem

It is a true gem filled with some original features. We have 4 original fire places and ceiling road and cornasing which we wouldn’t change for anything. The old owners loved our little house too and they really looked after it.

They put picture rails in 4 rooms and we love hanging out pictures from it!

But this is about a chair. It’s from swoon editions and really comfortable. The wooden frame is stained in a gorgeous ashy grey colour and the cushions are beige.

Dull choices

This was a mistake. We were aware that the room had a lot of colour. Greys mushrooms and teal. So we didn’t want to go too crazy with the covers. We should have gone for a stronger colour because we have pets!

The pets love this seat and leave there hair all over it. It marks easy and although it is a washable cover it is still a pain. I may have to dye it at one stage but we all know that I live a bit of dying.

It suits the room, we dress it up with brightly coloured cushions and if Frank is determined to we put a blanket down for him.

This chair is super comfy and on a day to day use does become a dumping ground. My napkins are resting on top of it till I get a tub to put them in and have a suit jacket normally lives there too.

Bar Cart

So I used to work in Hampstead and down one of the little alleyways is a gorgeous little antique shop. I have bought my cake silver ware and this little bar cart. It’s vintage and both the top and bottom are trays! We never use this for its trays I always wanted it for my gin.

Unfortunately my gin collection has grown from a handful to over 40 different gins. So now my little cart doesn’t really take the weight. It has been moved to the dining room because the wedding making is taking over the house.

Trends are here to stay!

But I love it. I don’t care if it’s in trend even when it’s not my cart will stay.

I am not a trend person. They do effect me obviously! My house is filled with plants and I would have more if Gav would let me.

So if I do invest my money in something for the house then it’s here to stay. Forever!

I am not a frivolous shopper. I like what I like and I am good at finding bargains.

Our chair is here to stay. We love it, we may change it but we would never get rid of it unless it was broken.